Посольство України в Республіці Словенія

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Ukraine and Hungary have agreed to work together on documents on implementation of Article 7 of Law on Education

23 жовтня 2017, 15:37

Ukraine, the Hungarian community in Ukraine and Hungary will jointly agree on the implementation of the Article 7 of the Law on Education, what will be enshrined in other normative acts. It was discussed at the meeting between Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych and Minister of Human Capacities of Hungary Zoltán Balog.

The parties also agreed to wait for the decision of the Venice Commission.

“I am pleased with the constructive dialogue has taken place between us. I also would like the broad public of Ukraine to understand that we only wish to show the position of Hungarians in Ukraine. For Budapest good is what is good for the Hungarian community in Ukraine. I also want to emphasize: we do understand the position of Ukraine that all citizens should speak state language,” Zoltán Balog said.

According to the agreements the Ukrainian side stressed once again that the changes would not be applied until the relevant documents on the implementation of the Article has been developed, as it envisaged by the Law on Education.

“Article 7 of the Law is very general. The method of implementation will be described in other normative legal acts. The implementation should take into account the specifics of minorities, in particular those that do not belong to Slavic languages,” Liliya Hrynevych said.

Ukraine and Hungary will also work together to improve process of learning Ukrainian language at national minorities schools.

“At the pedagogical aspect, we do agree and are ready to cooperate. We have a legal question for which we want to get an expert evaluation from our partners. But we look forward to further productive cooperation”, - added the Minister of Human Capacities of Hungary.