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Виступ Посла М.Бродовича з нагоди відзначення 25-ї річниці відновлення незалежності України
Опубліковано 22 вересня 2016 року о 11:47

Дорогі друзі, шановна українська Громадо!

Spostovane dame in gospodje

Distinguished audience, Your Excellency,

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Friends,


Wellcome, dobrodosli, ласкаво просимо!

It is a pleasure for me to be here tonight and see so many friends of Ukraine that got together on the occasion of the 25-th anniversary of Independence of my country. Actually, we mark the 25-th anniversary of restoration of Independence of Ukraine.

Next year we shall celebrate the 100-th anniversary of the establishment of Central Rada (Central Council – wich was Ukranian revolutionary parliament) and the beginning of the Ukrainian national revolution.

But let me start with words of gratitude.


Spoštovane dame in gospodje, dragi slovenski prijatelji,


Izredno sem veseu, da ste skupaj z nami na ta pomemben za mojo državo dan!


Iskreno se vam zahvaljujem za tople prijateljske odnose in stalno podporo.  


Zame, kot za veleposlanika Ukrajine v Sloveniji, je velika čast, da se lahko vsak dan znova prepričam, da je Slovenija v vodilni skupini držav, ki v tem težkem za Ukrajino času stalno in vztrajno podpirajo njeno suverenost, neodvisnost in teritorialno celovitost. Najlepša hvala vam za  to!


I am grateful to the Republic of Slovenia for standing by Ukraine's side over last two and half years – the hardest years in the history of my country.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the wonderful team of the Presidential Office, Slovenian government, Parliament of the country and all its members, other people of good will of this charming country. On all levels, RS demonstrates that it is a front-line supporter to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We highly appreciate the support of our neighbors (neighboring countries), strategic partners and international community for the solidarity with Ukraine.

I am grateful to the Ukrainian Slovenian community, which has been supporting Ukraine so actively in so many ways.

Щиро дякую тим представникам української громади, які зайняли активну громадянську позицію в цей дуже складний для нашої держави час!

I am grateful to all people of goodwill who stood with Ukraine and extended their financial, in-kind and moral support. This support is vitally important for the people of Ukraine.

Dear friends,

Two and half years ago, Russia launched unprecedented in the 21-st century act of aggression. As a result - Occupation of Crimea followed by the its illegal annexation and war in the East of Ukraine.

The price we have paid is striking.

More than 10,000 people have died. Over 2,800 of them are Ukrainian servicemen killed by fire of combined Russian-militant forces. The number of wounded persons reached 20 000.

1.8 million IDPs lost their homes in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and moved to other regions of Ukraine.

7% of Ukrainian territory is under occupation.

20% of Ukrainian economy and industrial output is seized or destroyed.

Almost two years after we initiated the Minsk process, we still receive reports about losses and shelling of our positions in the frontline every single day.

These are difficult times. Not only for Ukraine but for all nations.

The mankind faces many problems – terrorism, growing radicalism and xenophobia, migration, climate change.

The world is tempted to choose pragmatism over values, self-isolationism over courage, and appeasement over peace.

Many think that it is just a matter of time that the dust settles in Ukraine and things will get back to old normal life in Europe.

I don’t think it’s going to happen. The “old normal” is over.

Recognize it or not but the West has a problem – a large nuclear state with hateful attitude and with total disregard for the common values, agreed principles and norms.

And this problem will not go away by itself.

Russia is not just rejecting Europe.

It is trying to build an alternative Europe based on alternative values.

As Russia tears Ukraine apart physically, it tears Europe apart politically.

The West wants a circle of trust. Russia wants a circle of domination.

Yesterday – in Transnistria and Georgia. Today – in Ukraine and Syria. Whose turn will be next? Where can Russian troops appear?

Let us be prepared for any development of the situation. Let us be effective in the defense of our countries, our values and our world.

It is time to face this reality and find proper responses to this situation.

We should not repeat the mistake of 2008 when the West decided that Russia had got what it wanted and would become quiet now.

Every effort applied to protect Ukraine is an investment into long-term security of the West and sustainability of democratic values.

Ukraine’s fight is a fight for freedom.  And this fight continues.

People die – so that freedom doesn’t.

I know that Ukraine has a timing problem.

But, as the Bible says, “The Spirit breathes where he will”.

In today’s world the spirit of freedom breathes in Ukraine.

Please support it!  And thank you for this support!


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