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Виступ Посла України М.Ф.Бродовича з нагоди 27-ї річниці Незалежності України
Опубліковано 05 вересня 2018 року о 14:43

Spostovane dame in gospodje,

Дорогі друзі, шановна українська Громадо,

Spostovani gospod Predsednik Državnega Sveta,

Distinguished audience, Your Excellences,

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you here on the occasion of the 27-th anniversary of Independence of my country. Actually, and I would like to stress upon it, we mark the 27-th anniversary of restoration of Independence of Ukraine.

I would like to take this opportunity in order to express my sincere gratitude to the Slovenian partners who on all levels demonstrate constant support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

 Spoštovane dame in gospodje, dragi slovenski prijatelji,

Ob tej priliki se vam iskreno zahvaljujem za vztrajno podporo moje države v teh težkih časih, za podporo teritorialne celovitosti in neodvisnosti Ukrajine. Slovenija in njeno politično vodstvo na vseh ravneh zavračata okupacijo ter poskus nezakonite aneksije Krima, prav tako sta tudi obsodila rusko agresijo na Vzhodu Ukrajine. Ponovna potrditev tega stališča je bil uradni obisk predsednika Slovenije Boruta Pahorja v Ukrajino maja letos.

Najlepše se vam zahvaljujem za vso podporo, ki je za  mojo državo izrednega pomena.

We highly appreciate the support of our neighbors, strategic partners and international community. Your solidarity with Ukraine and extended in-kind and moral support is of vital importance for the people of Ukraine.

Sincere words of gratitude go to the representatives of the Ukrainian community in Slovenia for their involvement and constant support of Ukraine.

Дорогі співвітчизники, дорогі представники української громади! Щиро вітаю вас з 27-ю річницею Незалежності України чи, як я зазначив на початку своєї промови, з 27-ю річницею відновлення Незалежності України. Цього року ми відзначаємо річницю незалежності нашої Держави під гаслом «Відродили державність, відновили незалежність, захистимо свободу!». Перемога буде за нами! Бо з нами Бог і з нами правда!

Dear friends,

The celebration of the anniversary of independence of my country this year is being held in Ukraine under the slogan:

«We Revived the statehood, restored the independence and we'll defend the freedom!»

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is hard to believe but four and half years have passed already since that time as Russia launched unprecedented in the 21-st century act of aggression. The result of it was - Occupation of Crimea followed by the attempted illegal annexation and war in the East of Ukraine.

The price we have paid and still pay is striking. What is going on in the East of Ukraine is not a conflict, it’s an act of aggression, it’s a war, it’s a crime against my country and the Ukrainian people.

Almost four years after the initiated Minsk process and after repeatedly proclaimed ceasefires, we still receive reports about the losses and shelling of our positions in the frontline every single day.

It’s a pity but today’s day is no exception too!

At last, the majority of our partners got rid of the illusions that it is just a matter of time that the dust settles in Ukraine and things will get back to old normal life in Europe. I don’t think it’s going to happen. “Business as usual” is no longer possible.

Russia is not just rejecting Europe; it is the country with hateful attitude and with total disregard for the common values, agreed principles and norms.

Everybody should realize at last that Russia is not a contributor to international security, but its the biggest threat.

Today Russia is, perhaps, the only country in the world that has conflicts – hot, frozen or potential – with almost all its neighbors.

The key problem in Donbas is that Ukraine and Russia strive for completely different things.

Ukraine wants peace and restoration of sovereignty over its territory.

Russia wants control over Ukraine and undermines every effort to restore our sovereign control within Ukraine’s borders.

Thus, Russia tries to exchange peace in Ukraine for Ukraine’s freedom.

Ukraine will never accept that kind of a deal, nor will the international community.

The hybrid “peacekeeping proposals” from Moscow are yet another example of Russia’s real ambitions – to legalize its proxies and to freeze the conflict forever.

We would welcome any proposal that would bring peace to my country.

We remain convinced that a full-fledged UN peacekeeping operation is the only viable solution to de-escalate the situation, to protect people of Ukraine and to get us closer to a political solution.

That is why the peacekeepers’ mandate should cover the entire temporary occupied area, including the Ukrainian-Russian state border. And this is the must.

As long as the border is used as the main supply route for manpower and weapons to Donbas, there will be no peace in my country.

The terrorist component in Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is clearly visible and became a reality of everyday life in Donbas.

Four years ago, the world was stunned when the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 carrying 298 people onboard was shot down in the skies over Donbas.

Ukraine is determined to do everything to bring to justice those responsible for this mass murder.


In November this year, we’ll commemorate the 85-th Anniversary of one of the deadliest crimes of the 20th century – the crime of Holodomor.

It was a man-made famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933 organized by the Stalin totalitarian regime that killed 7 to 10 million of Ukrainians.

In this regard, the Ukrainian side is considering the possibility to adopt the United Nations General Assembly Joint Declaration on the 85-th Anniversary of Holodomor.

I have also discussed this issue with the President of the National Council of RS Mr. Kovsca and asked him to consider the adoption of the special document condemning those very tragic events in the history of my country. 

Dear Friends,

This is a challenging time for all of us. Thay’s why, and I would like to emphasize it that we highly appreciate the support of our strategic partners and international community and solidarity with Ukraine.

Thank you ever so much for that support!



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