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Виступ Посла України М.Ф.Бродовича з нагоди відзначення 26-ї річниці Незалежності України
Опубліковано 19 вересня 2017 року о 10:47

Дорогі друзі, шановна українська Громадо!

Spostovane dame in gospodje

Distinguished audience, Your Excellences,

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure for me to see so many friends of Ukraine that got together on the occasion of the 26-th anniversary of restoration of Independence of my country.

This year we celebrated the 100-th anniversary of the establishment of Central Rada (Central Council – which actually was the Ukrainian revolutionary parliament) and the beginning of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921. The year 2017 is proclaimed as the year of the Ukrainian revolution in my country. In December, we shall also celebrate the 100-th anniversary of the establishment of the Ukrainian diplomatic service. Last but not the least – this year in March both our courtiers marked one more very important date - 25-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Slovenia.

Spostovane dame in gospodje

Pred 25 (pet in dvajsetemi) leti, natančneje 11-tega in 12-tega decembra 1991 sta se medsebojno priznali neodvisni državi Slovenija in Ukrajina.

Tedanja Skupščina Republike Slovenije je 11-tega decembra 1991 sprejela izjavo o priznanju Ukrajine.

O tem je 12 decembra 1991 Republika Slovenija uradno obvestila Ukrajino, ki je še istega dne na zasedanju Predsedstva Vrhove rade Ukrajine sprejela sklep o priznanju državne samostojnosti in neodvisnosti Republike Slovenije.

Državi sta 10 marca 1992 v Kijevu podpisali protokol o vzpostavitvi diplomatskih odnosov na ravni veleposlanikov. Odnosi med državama so se posledično pričeli intenzivno razvijati.

Danes sta Slovenija in Ukrajina prijateljski državi, med njima poteka zelo dobro gospodarsko, kulturno in politično sodelovanje, vrstijo se redni obiski visokih predstavnikov. Državi druži tudi bogata kulturno zgodovinska preteklost.

Spoštovane dame in gospodje, dragi slovenski prijatelji,

Izredno sem veseu, da ste skupaj z nami na ta pomemben za mojo državo dan!

Iskreno se vam zahvaljujem za tople prijateljske odnose in stalno podporo.  


Dear Friends,

Mentioning (in Slovenian language) active political dialog between our two countries I had in mind first of all the official visit of the President of Ukraine Mr. P. Poroshenko to Slovenia in November last year and working visit of Slovenian President Mr. Borut Pahor to Ukraine which took place in March this year.

The Joint Declaration adopted by both Presidents during the the official visit of Mr. P. Poroshenko to Slovenia became a real Road Map for our future bilaterale relations. Some very important provisions enshrined in the Declaration became already a reality in the course of this year.

Since 11-th of June the citizens of Ukraine enjoy the visa-free regime with EU countries. Association Agreement and Free Trade Agreement with the European Union have become a reality.


I am grateful to the Ukrainian community in Slovenia, which has been supporting Ukraine so actively in so many ways.

Я хотів би щиро дякую всім представникам української громади, які займали та продовжують займають активну громадянську позицію та всебічно підтримують Україну в цей дуже складний для нашої держави час!

Dear friends,

Three and half years ago, Russia launched unprecedented in the 21-st century act of aggression. As a result - Occupation of Crimea followed by its illegal annexation and war in the East of Ukraine.

The price we have paid is striking.

Almost three years after we initiated the Minsk process and after repeatedly proclaimed ceasefires, we still receive reports about the losses and shelling of our positions in the frontline every single day.

Russia continues sending troops, heavy weapons and ammunition into Ukraine.

Russia’s proxies in Donbas still heavily impede the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to access all areas under their control and verify the ceasefire and withdrawal of weapons.

There are systemic and large-scale violations of human rights in Crimea. International organizations signal these facts in their reports.


Russia also uses human lives as a trading chip.

Ukraine remains committed to the implementation of the Minsk agreements in their entirety. This is the only option for the peaceful settlement on the table now.

We have an effective mechanism to motivate Russia to sit at the table of negotiations. And the name of this mechanism is sanctions.

It is working despite negative predictions of sceptics. And Russia pays huge price for not sitting at the table of negotiations.

The Kremlin thinks that it is reaching its goals in Ukraine, at Ukraine’s cost.

If the West lifts sanctions, the Kremlin’s wish will come true: Ukrainian blood will cost nothing. Killing Ukrainians will go without any punishment. That is the question of values.

Can anyone in the West accept this? I am an optimist. I am absolutely sure, this is not possible.

Sanctions are the only “line in the sand” between good and evil drawn in the context of this war.

If there is no line anymore – than what’s the difference between good and evil?

Do we want a world where one can grab other nation’s land, kill thousands – and stay unpunished?

Therefore, without sustainable peace in Donbas – sanctions must stay in place.

Without restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty over Crimea – sanctions must stay in place.

Without a new Russian attitude – sanctions must stay in place.

Anything less would be a compromise at the cost of values and justice.

These are difficult times. Not only for Ukraine but for all nations.

Let us be prepared for any development of the situation. Let us be effective in the defense of our countries, our values and our world.

It is time to face this reality and find proper responses to this situation.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the Republic of Slovenia for standing by Ukraine's side over the last three and half years – the hardest years in the history of my country.

We highly appreciate the support of our neighbors (neighboring countries), strategic partners and international community for the solidarity with Ukraine. This support is vitally important for the people of Ukraine.

And thank you for this support!

Дякую! Hvala lepa!



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